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Summary Chapter 7
In chapter seven Nick tells us about a meeting at the house of the buchanans.Daisy shows off her daughter Pammy and Tom is realizing that thre is somthing going on between Daisy and Gatsby.Then Daisy tells them that she wants to go to the city.While Daisy goes with Gatsby Nick Jordan and Tom take Gatsbys car.On their way the stop at the garage from Mr.Wilson their he tells Tom that he and his wife want to move to the west.They meet again at the plaza hotel.Their take a room to drink.But before they can start drinking Tom tells the others about what he found out about Gatsby and his wealth.Gatsby ignores Toms insults and sais that Daiosy never loved Tom and that she always loved him.Daisy says to Gatsby that he shouldn't make her decide now.After the discussion they decid to go back home but they switched the cars.When they reached the garage they notice a crowed and find out that Myrtle Wilson was run over by a farst going yellow car.They go to the house of the Buchanans.Gatsby is waiting in the shadows to watch over Daisy and tells Nick what happend,that Daisy was driving but he doesn't want that anybody knows that.

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