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Summary of chapter 1

 The narroter is Nick Carraway. He narrates the story and casts himself as the author of the book. He begins the novel by commenting on himself. "very tolerant" "has a tendency to reserve judgements".Nick comes from a prominent Midwestern familiy and he was in Yale. He trys to understand people on their own terms, rather than holding them up to his own personal standards. He mentions that he fought in World War 1 and after that he went thorugh a period of restlessness. He eventually decided to go to New York to learn the bond business. He lives in a part of Long Island known as West Egg. West Egg is also called the new money because people who live there have recently made money and established a social position, while neighboring East Egg is home to the insular narrow-minded denizens of the old aristocracy. Nicks neighbor ia Gatsby. Gatsbys house is an beautiful, big and impressing Gothic mansion. One night Nicks visists his cousin Daisy in East Egg. Her husband is Tom Buchanan. Nick knows Tom from Yale. Tom comes from a wealthy, established family and was a much feared footballplayer while he was in Yale. Jordan Barker, a famous golfer is also at Buchanans house. She is in a friendship with Daisy. Nick likes her. At dinner Tom dominates the conversation and Jordan talks about Gatsby. Suddenly Tom leaves to take a phone call with his secret lover. Daisy is very upset and Jordan clarifys that Tom is talking to his affair. After this awkard dinner. Nick goes home to West Egg. There he sees a handsome, young man. Jay Gatsby, standing on his wide lawn with his arms stretched out to the sea. He appears to be reaching for a faraway green light witch may mark the end of a dock.

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