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Chapter 3 begins with Nicks descripton of Gatsbys Saturday night parties. They have become legendary in New York City. These parties are obscenely lavish. The guests marvel at Gatsbys Rolls Roce, his ernoumous swimming pooö, the live music he engages weekly and the tons of food and perhaps the most importantly, the unlimited liqour he generously supplies. Nick is invited to one of these parties but not by Gatsby himself. A chauffer brings and invitation to Nicks door. In Gatsbys mansion is a very mied crowd of drunk people. very few of them seem to be invited guests. ZITAT. and even fewer have met Gatsby face to face. At the party Nick meets Jordan Baker. All around them, people gossip about Gatsby. Jordan and Nick are looking for Jay Gatsby, instead they find a little man with ernoumous eyeglasses ( nick calls him owleyes). Then they go outside in the garden. Nick has conversatuon with a handsome, youthfull man who looks familiar to him. It turns put that they served in the same division during the war. It was Gatsby, this mysterious man and Nick was very surprised. Gatsby stands aloof from his own guests, watching the party rather than taking part in it. He leaves to take a phone call. Later he sends his butler to ask Jordan if he may speak with heralone. When they finishes the talk, she tells Nick she has heard some "remarkable news". On the way home Nick sess Owl Eyes, who has crashed his car into a ditch. Owl Eyes loudly proclaims that he is finished with the whole business. its not clear what he actually means

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