Chapter 2 : In the second chapter, Nick reports from a visit in New York with Tom Buchanan. He describes with many details how New York is in his eyes. The two go by train to their target. Nick mentions that many people are jealous about Tom because hes so rich and famous. Tom wants to introduce Nick his secret girlfriend so they go to a small company called "George B. Wilson Cars buy and sell". After aquick talk between Tom and the old Mr. Wilson they go in Mr. Wilsons office . Myrtle Wilson, the wife of Mr. Wilson talks secretly to Tom. At the finally end of the talk they drive with Toms secret girlfriend Myrtle to an apartment. They have a party there with other people because drinking in public was forbidden. With a couple and Myrtles sister Catherine they have a wild party. Whisky flows and the group is getting drunk as hell. The group gossips about Gatsby. Catherine claims that he is somehow related to Kaiser Wilhelm. The group becomes extremly drunk as a result, Myrtle begins to grow talky. Shortly after Tom gives her a puppy as a gift Myrtle begins singing Daisys name to irritate Tom. tom becomes angry and tells her that she has not the right to say Daisys name. She continues anyway and he responds by breaking her nose.

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